HaVen is a Vegan Community Center in Baltimore, MD, and serves as a place for discourse,  vegan needs, local creations, food, and is a safe haven for activists and allies.

HaVen offers: Handcrafted Vegan and Organic Food, Meeting Space, Commercial Kitchen Rentals, Homegrown vegetables and fruits, Economic Food Plans, Exhibition Space, Consignment Craft Outlet, Co-Op and more.

HaVen focuses on veganism, through food production, food justice initiatives, cultivating urban farming supplies, supporting emerging artists, and providing educational and skill building workshops.  HaVen is located on 4201 Bel Air Road, at Parkside, adjacent to one of Baltimore’s biggest and most beautiful parks: Herring Run Park.  It is conveniently located 17 minutes from the Harbor, and less than 15 minutes from the highway, and is near major universities and several residential neighborhoods.

HaVen will operate as a production kitchen, with members of a few different levels, producing, selling, and serving food to customers on location, through off-site catering, and through wholesale distribution.  Haven will have a catering kitchen available for rental, in addition to a retail space featuring starter plants from our very own greenhouse and home-farming supplies, handmade crafts, home and body goods made by HaVen members and local community members.  There is also a separate space that will be used for workshops, meetings, or educational programming.


Membership in HaVen Collective will use a co-op model:

  1. Consumer Loyalty Level Membership-The consumer co-op level is the most affordable, and  least involved way to support HaVen. This level will entitle people to discounted services, workshops, retail items, and food.  Ideal for consumers and supporters.
  2.  Exhibiting Member Level-Will allow individuals and businesses to hold a key to the HaVen space for recurring use, such as regular kitchen rentals, a designated bakery or craft display, or a recurring workshop series.  These rentals are at a significant discounted rate in exchange for very low monthly dues and overall cross-promotion. Ideal for caterers, or mobile businesses, crafts-people.
  3. Resident Membership Level-Open to individuals and businesses, for monthly rent of space, and will get access to the facilities of the Haven space with no further rental or access fees, but are responsible for fixed rate rent payments, and a portion of the utilities, and will automatically get access to sell to through HaVen and the HaVen website for no additional fee.  Ideal for creating, hosting, buying and selling through Haven space, possibly as a multiple location.
  4. Owner Membership Level– Open to individuals and businesses, have all the privileges of the space detailed above, but must make a buy-in to the collective apportioned to their resulting ownership percentage (Buy-ins BEFORE August 6th start at $1,000), and they get to vote on decisions governing the direction of HaVen, and get a percentage of profits equal to their ownership amount. Ideal for people looking to invest in a vegan business or develop a collective business, or who wish to align their business in a secure way with the resources of Haven.

Currently, HaVen intends to be operating as a production kitchen, open to the public for pre-made cafe style food during the week, with rotating pop-up service Friday and Saturday evening dinners, and with regular late night service Friday and Saturday 10-4am and regular Brunch service 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.  This is open for expansion depending on the needs and desires of owners, partners and members.

HaVen intends to offer one free/pay-as-you-can meal everyday to make healthy, nutrient dense, vegan food available to everyone in the community we serve.

HaVen will also operate on a ZERO waste policy, with composting, and food donations to Food Not Bombs and the Baltimore Food Pantry.  HaVen is a compost site and glass container recycle location as well.


COMING September 2016

HaVen seeks donations, grants, and subsidies whenever possible, and to encourage a barter society, not a money-seeking enterprise. By determining what the financial needs of operating for the members, staff-owners, and building, we will then be free to trade and develop expanded community works beyond traditional profit-seeking goals.


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