BIG PICTURE VEGAN was started to combine the information and interests between vegans, Plant-based dieters, and animal rights activists.  We believe that the BIG PICTURE is the way to see the world, and that the cure to many/most of today’s ills has one BIG PICTURE solution: #govegan. On this site, a multi-prong approach is taken to explore the components of choosing to #govegan and how to maintain a vegan lifestyle, advocating for integrated ethics, healthy bodies, a cleaner planet, and a dedication to intersectionality and egalitarianism.

BIG PICTURE VEGAN is the brainchild of Suzannah Gerber (Chef Suzi), executive chef and consultant with a strong background in medical research for the efficacy and application of Plant-Based Diet for radical lifestyle intervention in the reversal and prevention of chronic illness and disease.  Suzi now lives in Boston, MA where she works within the food and medical industries to expand availability of vegan food and wellness resources, and collaborates with artists and activists on food justice and animal liberation missions.


One thought on “About”

  1. Hi, I met you today at Roots, talking about the chocolate moose made from avocado.

    I am interested in becoming vegan. Do you have any nutrition/cookbooks to recommend?

    Thank you,


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