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Growth and Re-growth: Turning food scraps into vital crops

Many of us already compost, or have heard about compost, but did you know that many of your regular kitchen vegetables can be re-grown from the parts you cut off anyway?  Keep your household rich in healthy, cost-effective vegetables by regenerating them instead of tossing them away!  Using ordinary grocery store scraps, we will start 5 different scraps to re-grow that you can take home with you, and go over the other veggies you can save and start up when you get home.


Seed Harvesting- Gathering, Storing and Sprouting 

Together we will take seeds from vegetables and fruits that have already been cooked and eaten, and we will go over the best methods to save, preserve, rehydrate, plant them and nurse them into viable and vegetable producing plants.  Everyone will go home with 4 new soon-t0-be-seedlings, a few more seeds, and a plan for gathering and saving seeds from groceries and existing gardens.


Sprouting: Young harvest to infitinite harvest, including propogating

So you have some seeds, or maybe even happy plants, and you want a crop.  Let’s make your garden really vital.  We will go over ideal conditions for many favorite garden veggies, including soil type, water amount, temperature, time of year, and more.  We will discuss micro-greens, as well as how to clone/propagate from existing plants to get the most out of your growing season!  Good for indoor and outdoor plants, as well as container gardening!


Everything! Using the Entire Plant

Some amazing things can be made with vegetables and fruits from colorful dye, to broth, to fabric and of course compost.  Using a few different plants, mostly their unwanted scrap pieces, we will have a hands on adventure, making a few different items of kitchen magic.  We will cover an introduction to broth making, dye making and compost making in this class.



Taste, Health, and Compassion

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