Vegan Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

Across the country the restaurant industry has been turned upside down with new restrictions and laws as states respond to the rapid development of the Coronavirus. Among restaurants, those that focus on vegan food items are not excluded from this and in many cases may face more obstacles to staying above water during this time when all small businesses face drowning. Restaurant owners are being forced to reevaluate their specific situations overnight EVERY NIGHT and make adjustments, and weigh the cost of staying open against the cost of closing- for their rent, mortgage, debt, staff, and communities.

Some restaurateurs were forced to make the difficult decision of closing down resulting in employees losing their paycheck, and with the dragging on of pandemic estimates, likely bankruptcy and permanent closures. Other restaurants who have decided to stay open need to suddenly shift their programs to delivery and takeout services while #contactlessdelivery has become the new model of the industry– just to be able to survive this time that could go on as much as 3-6 more months. Along with takeout and delivery, others have expanded into creating meal service packages, grocery delivery service, and sponsored food relief to at risk and in need people as well as promotions for , as well as seeking donations for their disenfranchised staff and over-burdened medical staff.   In this article we will take a closer look at a few cities, with vegan businesses and see how they are operating right now. 


The majority of states at this time have allowed food service to continue and in some cases have encouraged them to stay open and even paying them to make food for at risk populations. Some states, like New York, have allowed take out and delivery alcohol sales to join food ordering in an effort to keep people at home, and reduce travel and disease transmissionDouble Zero NYC, a high end vegan pizza restaurant, is now offering takeout and delivery options and offering  discounts on their gift card promotion– offering twenty percent off till the end of April. Two other vegan restaurants, Peace Food Cafe and Red Bamboo are still in service with takeout and delivery options. PS Kitchen NYC however decided to close their doors for now.  New York is an interesting test case for the health an well-being of these restaurants–in a city that runs mostly on all different forms of delivery services, the shift to entirely take-away and delivery has left most restaurants unable to manage demand, or volatile ordering patterns where public doubt over the safety of ordering food and the normalcy of relying on food from restaurants over hunkering down leaves staffing and cost of operating too much of  a gamble for many businesses.

In Atlanta, the overwhelmingly beloved and popular restaurant Slutty Vegan decided to close their doors to the public. However, they are offering pick up services to service workers such as police officers, firefighters, medical staff, teachers, MT, utility workers, TSA, etc.  At this time engaging the community and supporting each other is key, and it is amazing to see trailblazers like Slutty Vegan setting a positive example for the world.

Right now the laws and restrictions are constantly changing- by the time you read this they could have changed 180 degrees. Restaurants are operating at less than normal and trying to stay afloat- and that is going to be true for a very long time. States like California are in complete lockdown,  and Massachusetts is just 4 days into their Shelter-in-Place order. If we do not make a concerted effort Our favorite restaurants, THE VEGAN RESTAURANTS, wont be around after we make it to the other side of this pandemic.

For me, life without the Cornmeal Crusted Oyster Mushrooms of True Bistro is no life at all: place your order now! 




Top 10 big cities in the country (

National Restaurant Association 



  • EastNew YorkPS Kitchen NYC- Closed
      • Red Bamboo- Take out and delivery
      • Peace Food- take out and delivery
      • Double Zero- Delivery and take out (offering 20% gift cards till end of April)
    • BostonTrue Bistro- delivery/takeout (offering medical staff pricing, food kits)Veggie Galaxy-closed (gift card purchases proceeds going directly to staff)
      • Veggie Grill- delivery
      • FoMu Ice cream- delivery/ takeout/ gift card purchases,
      • Taco Party- closed, gift card purchases available (venom account set up for tips to go to workers),
      • Juice Press- online supermarket delivery service, JP Organic Grocery, to allow for delivery in the Boston area
    • DCShouk-curbside pick up and deliveryNuVegan- takeout and delivery
      • Fancy Radish-curbside pick up only
      • PLNT Burger-takeout and delivery
      • Pow Pow-Takeout, curbside and delivery (no longer excepting cash for safety)
      • Fare Well-delivery and takeout
    • AtlantaSlutty Vegan- Only will be serving to service workers (police officers, firefighters, medical staff, teachers, MT, utility workers, TSA, etc.). Closed to the public. Pick up onlyDulce Vegan Bakery and Café-curbside pick up and take out
      • Mamak Vegan Kitchen-carryout only
      • Café Sunflower-takeout, curbside pick up and delivery at both location
    • MiamiCharley’s vegan tacos- takeout and deliveryPlant Miami-closed
      • Love life café- takeout and delivery
      • Planta-closed
      • Full bloom- takeout and delivery
      • L’artisane creative bakery-takeout and delivery (preorders for delivery available on website)
    • PhiladelphiaRestaurantsVedge- Closed with possible reopening for delivery/takeout options if demand is high
        • Charlie was a sinner- closed
        • Hip City Veg- open for delivery/takeout (curbside) 
  • WestSeattleHighline Bar-takeout and delivery
      • Galaxy Rune- delivery and takeout (started offering gift cards for the first time)
      • Life on Mars (less than a year old)- closed
      • Pi Vegan Pizzeria- takeout and delivery
    • PortlandFarm Spirit-temporary closing for a few days to re-evaluate/best way to move forwardObon Shokudo- takeout and delivery (now have gift card options)
      • Rabbits Café- both locations closed
      • Aviv-takeout and delivery
      • The Sudrap- two locations- one open and one closed. Opened location offering takeout and delivery
      • Happy Day Juice-closed
      • Vertical Diner-closed due to not enough sales through takeout
    • LAThe Vegan Joint-takeout, delivery and cateringMonty’s Good Burger-closed
      • Gegen- delivery and takeout
      • SunCafe-delivery and takeout. Offering to sell produce at wholesale prices to customers for those who might be interested or running low on anything. Have coupons to save money on deliveries
      • AVO Café-takeout and delivery
      • Lotus Vegan-takeout and delivery
      • Little Pine-closed
  • MidwestChicagoUpton’s breakroom-takeout, delivery and curbside pick up
      • Fancy Plants café-café pick up, delivery meal plans, 10% of sales going to preparing meals for people in difficult financial situations (delivered to those people on Thursdays), gift card options
      • Vegan Plate- takeout and delivery
      • Althea-closed but offering 20% gift cards
      • Sam and Gertie’s- delivery and takeout (offering food for all restaurant workers) Brand new restaurant opened Jan 2020

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3 thoughts on “Vegan Businesses Affected by Coronavirus”

  1. Thank you for this! My daughter is vegan we live in the UK. I can see how this is hurting the business plus also the people who are vegans with fewer supplies available. Hopefully, there will be an end to this soon!


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