Cooking Classes

Hail Seitan

Learn to make your own sausages, chicken nuggets, and patties using wheat gluten! 2 methods will be covered that produce radically different textures, and we will cover spice blends and shaping to get a winning combination for your favorite dishes.


Gluten Free and Vegan Baking 1: Muffins and Cake

Techniques for getting different textures and moisture levels will be discussed as well as best egg substitutes for muffins and cakes. Together we will cook pumpkin bread and pumpkin bread in a bundt and muffin tin and discuss how to get the best results for both applications


Cooking with Tofu

3 ways to get 3 different textures from the same tofu will open up many culinary opportunities and take the difficulty out of eating satisfying delicious vegan food. Marinades, spices, and different cooking methods will be used. All materials included and a meal for each student


Pickling and Fermenting 101

Make your own pickles in a class where you can apply the same techniques to many vegetables and keep yourself stocked in tummy happy probiotics and stretch your produce for months! 2 techniques are covered, and half-sour pickles will be made and taken home by each student. All materials included.


Vegan Cooking 101

2 hour class that goes over vegetable cooking in a variety of methods, how to increase prep speed (a common issue when using so many veggies! )and working with common veg ingredients like tofu and seitan to get tasty results. Stir fry is cooked, all materials included, one meal.


Medicinal Plants: food as medicine, home remedies, air purification


Mommy/Daddy and Me “What we Eat”- Meal planning and Healthy habits for kids 3-12

Raw Vegan Cooking- Sweet and savory healthy treats that dont require cooking

Taste, Health, and Compassion

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