Plant based nutrition: EATS

Unique to the PBNHConference is their scheduling of programming to include food. In an attempt to practice what they preach, the Plantrician Project wisely integrated meals into the experience of the conference.


Not only does providing meals mean a jump start to what may be a new or newly transitioning personal practice of healthy WFPBD, but it also instills a level of networking and social affirmation so important among this movement and not readily accessible in other settings–one that would be lost if everyone routinely broke away for restaurants or meals in their rooms.

imageAdditionally, providing meals ensures proper health and not regressing into “vacation eating”modes, and enables the conference to pack what otherwise might require a full week conference into 3 days.

As is typical of most hotel conferences, the hotel was the caterer. One of the outcomes of this week of cooking for almost 600 health-conscious vegans, who in addition to advocating a WFPBD also restrict SOSs (Sugars, Oils, and Salts) is that the hotel staff and catering chefs are exposed to this line of thinking.  20151002_122826

Reimagining food is usually an inspiring experience for chefs, and any chef worth their salt (haha) isn’t going to serve food they don’t like…and by that token, I’m happy with the thought that perhaps sometimes, in pursuit of their own health or that of their families (if for no other reason) that these Chefs, Sous chefs, and kitchen/catering staffers will incorporate some more PB/Vegan options into their lives.  Signal boost!

And if you think doctors and healthcare providers that self-selected to attend a Plant-Based Nutrition Conference that specifically provides proof of the harmful effects of sugar, oil, salt, artificial sweeteners and animal products are therefore helthy when left to their own devices, think again:


Breakfast was served from 6-8, this picture was taken at 9am 🙂

Stay happy and healthy, and keep talking about the BIG PICTURE!

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