Snap Pea Pate w/ Tarragon- Karma Farm

Nothing brings the fresh feeling of summer quite like a fresh and crisp Sugar Snap Pea, it’s green and light and bursts with a tangy spray in every bite, much like a radish or turnip.  That hydrating and nutrient dense crunch– so refreshing!

Pate is the perfect medium for a small handful of peas, and makes a great fridge snack, as you can combine it with nearly anything else in your fridge or pantry like crackers or celery sticks.  Best of all, the bright bright green of the peas makes an excellent color note against a bright pink of a radish, making it an excellent smile-inducing finger food for an outdoor garden party.

Handful of sugar snaps (appx 1 cup, up to 2)
2 small, or 1 medium turnip
1 radish to blend, and 2 radishes to serve
2 stalks of fresh oregano
1/2 small bulb of spring garlic, reserve green to serve
1 tsp dried tarragon, or 2 pieces fresh, and a pinch to garnish
1/4 tsp ginger powder
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup vegetable broth
pinch of sea salt

Almonds, Walnuts, Red Bell Pepper, Smoked Paprika to serve

Chop the radish, garlic, and turnip into smaller pieces to help the mixture blend evenly.  If you prefer, now is when you may remove the roots or stalks to any vegetables.

Add the pate ingredients to your food processor or blender:
All the snap peas, the turnips, the oblong radish, the oregano, the spring garlic, the tarragon, the ginger, the vinegar, the broth, and the salt, into the processor or blender on high for 1 minute.  Scrape down the sides and mix to ensure thorough blending, and blend for 30 seconds more.  Taste.  If too bitter, try adding a splash more vinegar, or a pinch of your sweetener of choice.  If too light, add a pinch of paprika now and more to garnish.

Best if chilled, 15-20 minutes before serving.
Here are some serving ideas:

On a round slice of a brightly colored radish, add a dollop of pea pate, and dress with slivers of the green spring garlic, 1 sliced almond, and dust with smoked paprika.  The finish is complex and the texture keeps you till the last bite.

Or, my personal favorite: Take 1/4 of a Red Bell Pepper and fill with the pate.  This is also dressed with spring garlic and  radishes, and a flower from Chinese Broccoli 🙂  The pepper makes a nice boat for the pate, and also tones down the strength of the garlic and turnip.

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