Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference 2015

20150930_131000It’s registration day at the 3rd Annual IPBNHC in Anaheim, CA and you can feel the excitement as die-hard PBD and Vegans gather along with medical professionals some of whom already subscribe to a PBD/Lifestyle and some who are here to learn more and jumpstart this way of life for themselves and their patients!

The agenda for the next few days is full of information from some of the world’s most famous and prolific Plant-based advocate Doctors, dietitians and researchers, along with all meals presented to attendees to fully integrate the message.  I look forward to learning from these brilliant minds, experiencing the creativity in the healthy foods they’ll be serving, and networking with like-minded people around these meals.20150930_130948

And such goodies they give in your welcome bag that really indicate that they take the mission seriously to have it serve in all areas of your life.  

Resources, and information on other projects and people are invaluable in this cause, as we collectively work towards a way of life that’s healthier for ourselves, the environment, and animal welfare.

I had an interested conversation with a doctor right after registration, where I asked:

How many people here at this conference, that are die-hard plant-based dieters also subscribe to a vegan lifestyle, and use it to inform their other choices?

She replied:  I’m sure most do, that’s what it is all about.

My experience has been fairly mixed, with some proponents of PBD being vegan and some not, but I was really encouraged to hear that to at least some, and some doctors no less, that this was a no brainer.  Perhaps for some the ethics leads you to the healthy living as a way to fully integrate the philosophy and be a better ambassador, and perhaps for others the desire for health leads you to a desire to connect with working for the health of those around you,human and non-human animal alike.  I for one believe that being healthy is the only way to live, and the only way to represent your cause, whatever that may be, but certainly being a Vegan and following a WFPBD sends a very strong message about clean and balanced living that becomes very difficult to ignore.  Pretty soon, as more and more of us become role models we can promote this way of life, which is already becoming more mainstream, and help continue to make it closer to standard.

Conferences like these really start to make me aware of how many fronts we are already deployed to, and how far we have come.  Truly inspiring!

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