Plant Pure Nation

One of the best things about going to conferences like IPBNHC is how quickly people can introduce you to new things!  I was very excited to heat about an initiative called Plant Pure Nation:

“a “grassroots,” community-based strategy that engages millions of people everywhere to bring the message of plant-based nutrition to family, friends and neighbors. This effort demonstrates how millions of people working together at the local level can solve a social problem that industry and government have failed to solve.”

I was very excited to hear about the method they employ as well.  They encourage setting up PODS all over, lead by communities themselves, and they work together via the platform of their social profile site.  Plant Pure Nation made a documentary (Plant Pure Trailer) and they also came out with a cookbook (which I have not yet seen, but I am curious about) and it appears that they are producing frozen meals as well.

Their advisory board has all of the heavy hitters (Barnard, Campbell, Esselstyn etc) and I think this is a fantastic and well organized endeavor to bring a lot of these concepts together for people, and to connect with communities all over the world.

Their mission: “a world of healthy people, strong economies, sustainable food systems, and an environment on the mend.” and their understanding that collaboration is the key to effecting the kind of change we all hope to see within our lifetime and hopefully well sooner than that.

I hope all of you will start profiles and get linked up with pods today!  I know I applied to be a POD leader for Baltimore and start a new pod there, so fingers crossed. Let’s fight the good fight together!

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